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Horizontal small round bottle sticker

Product characteristics:
● BMT-AZ/1L-1 is suitable for high speed and precise labeling of ampoules, vials, oral liquids and other narrow round bottles
● The horizontal labeling design can effectively solve the problem that all kinds of slender bottles can not keep the same feeding and labeling.
● Inclined conveyor belt solves the problem of inclining the center of gravity of ampoule bottle.
● The optional vertical or horizontal discharging mode allows customers to choose flexibly according to the production line conditions.
● It can select heat transfer printing, code printing machine or laser code printing machine to complete code printing and labeling simultaneously
● The video detection device can be selected to provide a variety of detection functions, such as label labeling detection, missing code detection and printing content detection. Unqualified products will be removed and recycled.

Technical parameter:
Equipment type:BMT-AZ/1L-1
Labeling speed:500 pieces / minute
Labeling accuracy:±0.5mm(excluding material and label size)
Applicable bottle diameter:Ø10-30mm
Label specification:Inner diameter of drum core76mm, Maximum external diameter350mm
Outline size:L2500xW900xH1000mm
Equipment weight:About 270Kg

Using power supply:220V50Hz,1.5kw