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Flat adhesive Labeling Machine

Product characteristics:
BMT-AZ/1L-H plane labeling machine is suitable for labeling various articles in wine, food, daily chemical, medicine, stationery and other industries.
The standard station adopts a very sensitive German Laoyi standard paper sensor and a high-precision servo motor to control the standard output.
Three bar adjusting mechanism is adopted to adjust the pasted articles of different sizes easily. Some articles can be used with the paging machine to improve the working efficiency.
There are bottle labels, no bottle is not labeled, the standard is correct, the labeling is smooth and beautiful.
Adopt PLC controller, equipped with famous brand touch screen, easy operation interface, workers can operate with a little training.
The equipment does not need compressed air, the machine structure is simple, compact, easy to operate and maintain.
The carbon steel frame is treated with secondary anti rust treatment, and the surface is covered with a layer of high-quality 304 stainless steel. The overall stability of the equipment is good and it is durable.

Technical parameter:
Equipment type:BMT-AZ/1L-H
Marking speed:50 m / min
Labeling accuracy:±0.5mm(excluding material and label size)
Applicable labels:Maximum width 260mm, maximum height 200mm
Label specification:Inner diameter of drum core76mm, Maximum external diameter350mm
Outline size:L2000XW900xH1000mm
Equipment weight:About 300kg
Using power supply:220V50Hz,1.5kw