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Combined label machine for oil bottle

Product characteristics:
BMT-AZ/1L-G oil bottle combination labeling machine is specially designed for the fast automatic labeling of square and round bottle materials in food, grain and oil industries. It can not only realize the side (plane) single labeling / corner stroking of square bottle / flat bottle (full bottle state), but also realize the circular bottle positioning and labeling function. It can be widely used in a single machine and in cooperation with production line.
The unique bottle separating mechanism ensures the effective and reliable online use with the production line, and the unique corner marking mechanism ensures the three side turning and marking mechanism of the square bottle ensures the three side turning of the square bottle.
The corner labeling is flat and wrinkle free. When materials are piled up on the production line, it can ensure reliable bottle separation and stability of corner labeling. Ensure stability of corner decals.
There are bottle labels, no bottle is not labeled, the standard is correct, the labeling is smooth and beautiful.
It can store a variety of labeling information, and can replace labeling items without readjustment.
Adopt PLC controller, equipped with famous brand touch screen, easy operation interface, workers can operate with a little training.
The machine structure is simple, compact, easy to operate and maintain.
After the second antirust treatment, the carbon steel frame is covered with a layer of high-quality 304 stainless steel. The overall stability of the equipment is good and durable.

Technical parameter:
Equipment type:BMT-AZ/1L-G

Bottle size:Diameter range of round bottle80一150mm

               Square bottle / flat bottle(L)100-180mmx(W)80-180mmx(H)50-350mm

Labeling speed:2500 bottles / h (1 corner label on the side of the square bottle, calculated 

                            by 5L square bottle)

                       2500 bottles / h (the round bottle positioning sheet shall be posted with the mark, 

                            calculated as 1.8L round bottle)

                         (bottle and label size related)

Labeling accuracy:±1mm
Whole machine size:(L)2400mmx(W)1150mmx(H)1200mm
Power supply:220V50Hz  1.04KW

Air source:0.4-0.6Mpa