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Linear double side self-adhesive labeling machine


Product characteristics:
● BMT-AZ/2L-E double side labeling machine is suitable for square, flat, round, cone, oval and other double or single side labeling in wine, food, beverage, medicine, daily chemical and other industries.
● The standard station adopts a very sensitive German Lloyd's standard paper sensor, which is controlled by a high-precision servo motor.
● The top pressure device automatically matches the speed of the conveyor belt and keeps absolute synchronization without adjustment.
● The bottle management mechanism is completely designed according to the customer's bottle type, and can be adjusted in six directions according to the size requirements of the bottle type.
● After the label is pasted on the bottle by brush or scraper, whether there is a power sponge roller behind to roll the label again to ensure the perfect fit between the label and the bottle.
● There are bottle labels, no bottle is not labeled, the standard is correct, the labeling is smooth and beautiful.
● Adopt PLC controller, equipped with famous brand touch screen, easy operation interface, workers can operate with a little training.
● The machine structure is simple, compact, easy to operate and maintain.
● The carbon steel frame is treated with secondary antirust treatment, and the surface coating is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel. The overall stability of the equipment is good and it is durable.
● It can be equipped with belt pressure device or positioning labeling mechanism, and realize positioning or non positioning labeling of round bottle at the same time.

Technical parameter:
● Equipment type:BMT-AZ/2L-E
● Labeling speed:60m / min, 40-260 bottles / min (related to material and label size)
● Labeling accuracy:±0.5mm(excluding package error)
● Applicable bottle diameter:Ø50-200mm
● Suitable for bottle height:40-400mm
● Applicable labels:Maximum width300mm, Maximum height280mm
● Label specification:Inner diameter of drum core76mm, Maximum external diameter350mm
● Outline size:L4000xW2300xH1700mm
● Equipment weight:约550kg
● Power supply:380V/50HZ,4kw