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Rotary pre cutting label hot melt adhesive Labeling Machine


Equipment characteristics:
● This type of automatic hot-melt adhesive labeling machine uses hot-melt adhesive (hot glue system) to pre cut and label around paper or plastic labels. It is widely used in plastic bottles, glass bottles, metal cans and other containers in daily chemical, beverage, mineral water, food and other industries.
● The container is placed on the bottle feeding conveyor belt of the machine and transmitted to the central rotating table by the bottle feeding screw, which is fixed by the supporting platform and the bottle pressing head.
● The hot melt glue machine is equipped with a glue gun to control the glue quantity. The hot melt glue can be sprayed on the container in a spiral shape, and the container is directly pasted with a label at the mark box.
● Hot melt glue gun the glue gun will level the glue on the edge of the label, so that the label can be surrounded easily.
● During the rotation of the container, the label and the container are perfectly fitted by smoothing the part. The bottle discharging starwheel will transport the container to the bottle discharging conveyor belt.
● This equipment can be equipped with an empty bottle labeling system, which is specially designed for labeling empty bottles with poor hardness.
● In case of different rotation modes of the bottle supporting table, it can be labeled for various bottle shapes. The rotation of the bottle supporting table is driven by toothed belt (only for circular containers), the rotation of other regular bottle types is controlled by mechanical cam, and the rotation of the bottle supporting table is controlled by electronic cam (each bottle supporting table is equipped with a separate motor), and can be carried out by mechanical or visual system Locate the decal.
● The main drive motor adopts variable frequency speed regulation and is equipped with electric automatic control system
● It can be used for bottles of 200ml-3500ml, ¢30-110mmRound container, L30-160mmSquare container
● Applicable label range:label height 30mm-220mm
● Colloid Type:hot melt adhesive, glue on both ends of the label
● Paste type:plastic bottle, glass bottle and metal bottle with round, square, flat and oval shape

Label type:plastic label, paper plastic composite film, paper label