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Linear oil drum paste labeling machine


Product characteristics:
BMT-Z/1L-B labeling machine is a new type of labeling machine specially developed by our company for domestic grain and oil companies according to the requirements of our customers.
This series of machine uses the label of common copperplate paper, which is automatically applied with glue and labeled. The running cost of the equipment is low.
Adopt PLC controller, equipped with famous brand button control, variable frequency speed regulation, easy operation, workers can operate with a little training.
The structure of the equipment is simple, compact and easy to operate and maintain.
The screw bottle separating device is adopted. When the round bottle and the square bottle are switched, no accessories need to be replaced, and only simple adjustment is needed.
The screw bottle splitting mechanism ensures effective and reliable online use with the production line. The unique corner stroking and labeling mechanism ensures that the corner labeling of the three sides of the square bottle and the round bottle are smooth and wrinkle free. When the materials are piled up on the production line, it ensures reliable bottle splitting and the stability of the corner labeling.
The gluing drum adopts the divisional gluing design to save glue and ensure the labeling effect.
There are bottle labels, no bottle is not labeled, the standard is correct, the labeling is smooth and beautiful.

After the second antirust treatment, the carbon steel frame is covered with a layer of high-quality 304 stainless steel. The overall stability of the equipment is good and durable.

Technical parameter:
Applicable bottle type:900ml square bottle round bottle, 4l5l square bottle round bottle
Labeling speed:2500 bottles / hour
Label width:no more than 260mm
Applicable weight of label paper:70―125g/㎡(depends on the quality of label paper)
Boundary dimension:length 3M × width 1.5m × height 1.1m
Net weight of machine:About 500kg
Gas source:0.4-0.6Mpa