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Oral liquid semi-automatic light detector




Test product type:
●  Glass bottle oral liquid (10-30ml).

Main performance features:
●  The product picture is magnified and reflected on the touch screen by the high-speed industrial camera, which is convenient for the naked eye to distinguish whether there are foreign matters.
●  Through touch screen detection and touch removal, it is beneficial to protect the vision of detection personnel, reduce labor intensity, and is suitable for long-term detection.
●  The product rotates at a constant speed through the detection area, which is conducive to the overall detection of product quality problems.
●  It can detect products with different concentrations and give the best solution.
●  It is equipped with an alarm device to prevent the broken bottle from affecting the production when there are few bottles.
●  Equipped with foot switch, the equipment can be in braking state, and the products can be strictly inspected without any defective products.
●  With high-speed disturbance function, the liquid in the bottle can be fully disturbed, and the falling state of foreign matters can be seen more clearly.
●  With the function of fault self inspection, it is convenient for the operator to handle the fault quickly and accurately, and improve the production efficiency.
●  With counting function, the total number of detected products and the number of unqualified products are displayed synchronously on the display screen, which is conducive to understanding the product quality status and improving the process flow.
●  The detection speed and the rotation speed of the bottle body can be adjusted infinitely, and the operation speed (frequency) is displayed on the touch screen.
●  The height, angle, levelness and light intensity of the light source can be adjusted.
●  The world famous brand electrical components are adopted to ensure the stability and reliability of equipment operation.
●  The main parts of the equipment are made of high-quality stainless steel, aluminum alloy and non-metallic materials, with reasonable structure and beautiful appearance.






Inspection speed

≥ 100 BPMS per minute

Inspection brightness

1000 lux (LX) - 5000 lux (LX)


2300mm x 1000mm x 1900 ± 50mm



Power supply