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Freeze dry powder / water needle semi-automatic light inspection machine




Test product type:
●  Ampoule water needle, Xilin water needle, Xilin freeze-dried powder needle, Xilin powder needle

Main performance features:
●  Tindal effect combined with black background is beneficial to protect the vision of the examinees and is suitable for long-term detection.


Through the combination of the upper and lower reflectors and three sets of lights, we can clearly detect the foreign matters in the bottle, bottle cap defects, serious cracks on the surface of freeze-drying cake, discoloration, black spots on the surface, cracks on the bottle body and other defective products.
●  The product rotates at a constant speed through the detection area, which is conducive to the overall detection of product quality problems.
●  Adopt open detection, mark the serial number of each detection part, and press the key to remove the unqualified products (the serial number key to remove is the patent project applied by our company).
●  Equipped with foot switch, the equipment can be in braking state, and the products can be strictly inspected without any defective products.
●  It is equipped with an alarm device to prevent the broken bottle from affecting the production when there are few bottles.
●  It can be equipped with a light meter, so that the light inspector can carry out the light inspection under the appropriate light illumination, and reduce the damage of light to human eyes.
●  With fault alarm function, it is convenient for operators to handle faults quickly and accurately and improve production efficiency.
●  With counting function, the total number of detected products and the number of unqualified products are displayed synchronously on the display screen, which is conducive to understanding the product quality status and improving the process flow.
●  The detection speed and the rotation speed of the bottle body can be adjusted infinitely, and the operation speed (frequency) is displayed on the touch screen.
●  The height, angle, levelness and light intensity of the light source can be adjusted.
●  The wide sight distance magnifying lens made in Germany is used to make the product 2.5 times larger and clearer.
●  The world famous brand electrical components are adopted to ensure the stability and reliability of equipment operation.
●  The main parts of the equipment are made of high-quality stainless steel, aluminum alloy and non-metallic materials, with reasonable structure and beautiful appearance.




Inspection speed

 For frozen powder:≥90BPM;For liquid:≥70BPM

Inspection brightness

1000 lux (LX) - 5000 lux (LX)


1410mm x 1200mm x 1680 ± 50mm



Power supply