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Automatic multi-function lamp inspection machine (single lane)



Test product type:


Glass bottle oral liquid, Xilin bottle water needle powder injection, freeze-dried powder, ampoule bottle, cartridge bottle.

Main performance features:


The linear idler (tower wheel) inclined running mechanism designed by patent is simple and convenient in structure compared with rotary structure lamp inspection machine. Its maintenance and operation are very humanized and easy to learn and use. The testing accuracy can be adjusted, the tooling can be replaced simply, easy to operate, and the front and back can be wired.


At most 7 high-speed industrial cameras (Basle, Germany) are used to realize the functions of precise positioning, foreign matter extraction and analysis, capping detection, bottle appearance detection, etc. by using the edge extraction, morphology, target tracking, image smoothing, corrosion, target extraction and other algorithms in machine vision.


The oral liquid enters into the high-speed rotation (up to 2000 rpm) to complete the disturbance action. After the disturbance, it enters the detection area. The oral liquid bottle rotates at a constant speed. Under the action of inertia, the liquid in the bottle continues to rotate, and the falling process of glass chips under the action of gravity can be clearly seen.


When the sample is in a 60 degree tilt state, the camera can take a very clear picture of the bottom of the sample bottle, so that it is very easy to identify the large glass, small glass slag and other foreign matters at the bottom of the sample bottle.



Each drug can be tested in layers: that is, the edge integrity of the capping, the liquid level detection of the filling volume, whether there is impurity in the bottle body, whether there is glass at the bottom of the bottle, according to the situation of the drug solution, the lower rate of missing detection and the lower rate of false detection can be guaranteed. Through the rotation of the product, photos taken at different angles can reach 360 degrees without dead angle, which can meet the requirements of foreign matter detection described above.


The design structure of the equipment is advanced and has enough clearance, which leaves room for the future multi-functional upgrading and the acceleration of the equipment capacity.


Safe and reliable operation. Emergency stop function is set in front of the equipment. Prevent the operator from being injured by misoperation. Be humane.


Equipped with large capacity storage system, it can store production data for more than 5 years, including operator list, start time, production quantity, product label, quantity of defective products, etc., all production data can be exported in stages, and installed with UPS power supply can save precious production data in case of sudden power failure in the factory. The equipment console is equipped with wireless keyboard, mouse and touch control screen. Meet the habits of different operators.


All acrylic plexiglass doors of equipment cover can be opened, which is very convenient for equipment maintenance and daily cleaning. There are cleaning holes on the table, which can clean the debris such as broken glass by flushing.








Inspection speed

100-450 bottles / min BPM

Overall dimension




Power supply