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What are the most important things to pay attention to when purchasing a labeling machine?

To buy the round bottle labeling machine is to reduce the pressure of labor shortage of the company, so you must choose it when you buy it, otherwise you will not get the effect if you spend money. Next, I will introduce the precautions for purchasing the round bottle labeling machine.

1、 Select from function

In the past, the round bottle labeling machine didn't have the detection function. Many times, the operator didn't know that the label was not pasted properly, which resulted in a large amount of material waste, and the early operation was also more complex. It is said that there are few such machines now, but when they are still sold, they should pay attention not to buy such ones. The current round bottle labeling machine uses the latest technology and the combination of PLC + motor. The simple process, including the human-machine interface touch screen "fool" operation, will automatically detect and send the label, and automatically correct the deviation, which greatly improves the work efficiency.

2、 Considering special circumstances

In the special case of purchasing the round bottle labeling machine, the following details must be paid attention to:

1.when using a circular or conical circular bottle, when the round bottle itself has large circular or conical circular bottles, we need to consider the adjustment of the paste head, the coincidence of labeling, and the bubble problem.

2. Due to the reasons of the product itself, some bottles have very high requirements for labeling machine. The standard labeling machine can not meet the requirements of the product, so it is necessary to design a suitable non-standard round bottle labeling machine.

3. Some labelers can't adapt to some labels well, which is easy to cause the phenomenon of label breaking, so before using, we should take this into consideration, and try to make the labeler adapt to its own label as much as possible. If it's really a label problem, we can't find the material that can try to replace the label.