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How to solve the periodic failure of sticker?

The most troublesome faults in the use of self-adhesive labeling machine may be those periodic faults. After these faults are solved, they will appear again after a period of time. After they appear, they need to be repaired again and again, which is not enough to completely solve it. As for how to solve this problem, the technicians of Huichi will explain how to solve the periodic failure of sticker carefully.

No matter what kind of mechanical equipment in use, if not in accordance with the right way to failure, so according to the right way to use sticker machine can effectively prevent failure.

The periodic failure of self-adhesive labeling machine mainly refers to the continuous failure of a part. The cause of the periodic failure is the abnormal symptoms of the labeling machine or a part of the transmission device. The main causes of the periodic failure are part defects, body mark damage, no glue on one side of the label, no glue on one corner of the label, etc. there are other reasons not described here.

In general, when the self-adhesive labeling machine has periodic faults due to the continuous damage of some parts, to solve these periodic faults from the root, it is necessary to regularly check the double-sided labeling machine, once it is found that there is a fault of that part, it is necessary to replace it in time, and then make a record of these replaced parts, after a period of time, it is necessary to see which is which The parts of the parts are often replaced. After knowing the place, eliminate the cause of the fault in time, and see if it is caused by the lack of lubrication, the serious wear of the winning parts, the easy damage caused by the poor material of the parts, or other reasons. After finding the fault, solve it and then observe for a period of time to see if there will be any fault, if not, it is the fault solved.