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How to solve the problem that the automatic labeling machine is stuck askew?

Automatic labeling machine in some cases, there will always be label skew, so how to adjust? The following small edition is analyzed and solved according to the situation that the label of labeling machine is prone to skew:

1、 Body sign is askew from left to right

Cause of the problem:

1. The drum clamp finger base is not parallel up and down.

2. The distance between the standard plate and the finger holder is adjusted unevenly.

3. The forces on the two fingers are inconsistent.

4. There is water on the container.

5. Too early or too late to release the label.

6. The standard box shall be installed and stored in the inclined position.

7. The standard box is not adjusted in place, and the spring tension is too large or too small, resulting in unsmooth, too tight or too loose adjusting screw of the standard box head.


1. Adjust the parallelism of the finger holder.

2. Adjust the unequal part of the finger holder to equal part, and adjust the same distance between the finger holder and the standard plate.

3. Adjust the synchronous force points of the two fingers.

4. Add wind to blow the water off the container.

5. Adjust the position of the finger cam.

6. Adjust the standard box smoothly, and the gap between the control guide strip at the head of the standard box and the standard paper is 0.3-0.5mm.

7. Adjust the cable box, guide strip and adjusting screw on the standard box in place.

2、 Left and right deviation of the ring sign

Cause of the problem:

1. Glue viscosity is not enough.

2. The sponge is damaged and uneven.

3. Sponge sticking position is inconsistent.

4. The fit clearance between the finger and the standard plate is not the same or the finger pad is not vertical up and down.

5. The forces on the two fingers are inconsistent.

6. The clip index is too early and sponge pressure is too late.

7. The force on one side of the internal and external brush mark is too large.

8. Sponge pressure is not enough.

9. The standard box is unstable when sending the standard.

10. The overall position of the standard station is incorrect.


1. Adjust the viscosity of glue.

2. Replace the sponge.

3、 Paste the sponge again, and adjust the gap between all sponges and fingers to 10mm.

4. Adjust the fit clearance between the finger pad and the standard plate to be 1mm, vertical up and down.

5. Adjust the force of the two fingers to be the same.

6. Adjust the time of the finger setting out.

7. Adjust the internal and external forces of the brush to be consistent.

8. Adjust the sponge pressure gauge, and the sponge pressure gauge is about 5mm.

9. Adjust the label box to make the trademark in the label box smooth, and ensure a certain gap between all guide strips and label paper.

10. Adjust the overall position of the standard station. Generally, the central axis of the standard station, the drum axis and the major axis of the equipment center are in the first line.

3、 One direction of the whole is askew

Cause of the problem:

1. The standard box is installed and stored askew.

2. The ejection position of the ring mark is misplaced.

3. The location of the standard station is not correct.

4. The internal and external brush strength is inconsistent.


1. Adjust the standard box.

2. Adjust the ejector cam position.

3. Determine the position of the next standard station for adjustment.

4. Adjust the internal and external brush strength to achieve the same.