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Effectively reduce the loss rate of labeling machine in the process of labeling

In the use of double-sided labeling machine, there are three concepts that we need to understand and be familiar with, including positive labeling rate, labeling rate and loss rate. Next, we will explain them to you.

1. Positive standard rate: positive standard rate refers to the percentage rate of the number of positive standard packaging containers in the number of packaging containers viewed.

2. Labeling rate: the labeling rate is different from the positive labeling rate. It refers to the percentage of the number of correctly labeled containers and the total number of inspected containers when using the labeling machine according to the labeling requirements.

3. Mark loss rate: the mark loss rate refers to the percentage of the number of labels damaged by the labeling machine and the total number of labels consumed when labeling the packaging containers.

Effectively reducing the loss rate in the process of labeling of double-sided labeling machine is of great help to save the use cost of enterprises. In addition, when we encounter equipment failure in use, we can also do a good job of corresponding treatment. The more common failures of double-sided labeling machine include the following two categories: label damage and label tilt. Then we need to meet this situation How to deal with it?

1. Label tilt:

1) too much glue. For example: the scratch plate is too large; the rubber roller does not agree with the standard palm, etc.

2) The position of the standard station is not accurate. For example: the labeling station is too front or too back; the labeling machine station is offset to the left or right, etc.

3) The position or adjustment of the drum is not correct. For example, the gap between the pad and the palm is too large or too small.

4) The position of export parts is not adjusted properly. For example: the outlet starwheel or middle guide plate is inclined or worn.

5) The centering sleeve does not align or damage the bottle holder or tilt the label tray on the label box.

2. Label damage: 

1) middle guide plate damage label. For example: the wear-resistant strip on the middle guide plate presents burr or foreign matters.

2) Hook refers to the damaged label. For example: the hook finger is not adjusted according to the size of the label; the hook finger is glued with glue; the opening and closing time of the grip finger is not accurate; the grip finger cannot be well shared with the cushion block, etc.

In order to further reduce the loss rate of the double-sided labeling machine and improve the labeling rate of the equipment, the user needs daily and careful operation and maintenance. When the equipment encounters a fault, if you can't solve it yourself, please don't dismantle the equipment at will. Instead, you should find a professional to repair the equipment in time to avoid damage to the equipment.