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How does the lamp inspection machine realize the inspection function?

Lamp inspection machine is a kind of pharmaceutical machinery to detect drugs in order to ensure people's drug safety and prevent drug accidents. It is the inspection equipment after glass bottle liquid filling. The lamp inspection machine consists of lamp inspection box, lamp inspection table, lamp inspection instrument and computer display screen.

Lamp inspection machine is mainly used for the inspection of products in pharmaceutical, alcohol, beverage and other industries. From the perspective of the type of bottles tested, the lamp testing machine mainly tests ampoules, vials, oral liquid, syrup, large infusion and other freeze-dried products. Because of the unstable factors presented by the traditional artificial light inspection machine, in order to enhance the international competitiveness of Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises, the automatic light inspection machine has become one of the essential inspection machines for pharmaceutical machinery enterprises. Now, the automatic light inspection machine replaces the function of artificial light inspection machine, which not only improves the inspection efficiency, but also improves the inspection performance and stability. It has passed the advanced electricity Brain data is used to judge the problems of the tested products.

How to realize the detection function of the lamp detector:

According to the principle of machine vision, the lamp inspection machine uses a camera to take the sequence image of the drug bottle on the production line. After the image is transferred to the computer, the computer judges whether the drug bottle contains visible foreign matters and impurities through the software algorithm. If there are any, it sends out instructions, and the defective products are sorted out of the conveyor belt through PLC control. If the product is qualified, it enters the next process.

First of all, product feeding: check whether the bottle body is stained, whether the seal is poor or the vacuum degree of the product caused by other factors is insufficient, whether the bottle capping has no rubber plug or plastic cover, etc. Foreign matters in the inspection bottle: glass chips, fiber, hair, black block, white block, color block and other insoluble matters, loading and static foreign matters.

Secondly, appearance inspection: top shape defects, such as drawing tail, flat head, inclined head, carbonation, bottle mouth crack, bubble head, etc.

Finally, through the cooperation of multiple detection means, foreign matters and abnormal sealing can be effectively eliminated. Some pharmaceutical manufacturers will have different requirements, and the detection function of light detector can also be added according to these different requirements.