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Working principle of labeling machine

You should know that the labeling machine is a device that pastes the roll of self-adhesive paper labels (paper or metal foil) on PCB, products or specified packaging. Labeling machine is an indispensable part of modern packaging. But you know how it works? Then I will give you a specific explanation.

The beginning of the working process is that the box is fed to the labeling machine at a constant speed on the conveyor belt. The mechanical fixing device separates the boxes for a fixed distance, and pushes the boxes forward along the direction of the conveyor belt. The mechanical system of the labeling machine includes a driving wheel.

A labeling wheel, and a reel. The drive wheel intermittently drags the label belt to move, the label belt is pulled out from the reel, and the label belt will be pressed on the box through the label wheel. The open-loop displacement control is adopted on the reel to maintain the tension of the label tape. Because the labels are closely connected with each other on the label tape, the label tape must be kept on and off.

The label is attached to the box when the labeling wheel and the box move at the same speed. When the conveyor belt reaches a specific position, the drive wheel of the label belt will accelerate to the speed matching with the conveyor belt, and then slow down to the stop after the label is attached.

Since the label may slide, it has a registration mark on it to ensure that each label is placed correctly. The registration mark is read by a sensor. During the deceleration phase of the label belt, the driving wheel will readjust its position to correct any position error on the label belt.

The above content is to give you a detailed explanation of the working principle of the labeling machine. I believe you have further learning and understanding. If you want to learn more information, please continue to pay attention to us.