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The meaning of Brema


Brema It means that the company will go up and step by step to win a higher and wider development space, so that Brema has a strong competitiveness in the precision machinery manufacturing industry; Brema in English, B (business) for business, re (Research) for research, MA (machinery) for machine, the general meaning is to use the commercial point of view to research and produce machine It is market-oriented to produce marketable machinery and equipment; the logo of Brema means that Brema's ship sails along the eight o'clock sun in the morning.



Management idea

Business philosophy - "conscience, responsibility, achievement, gratitude". That is to do things for the company's employees by virtue of conscience and morality, take responsibility for the family and the company, persevere in achieving the cause, and thank parents, families, customers and colleagues.



Enterprise purpose

Yantai Brema Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is founded with the purpose of combining the company's long-term interests, professional focus, constant innovation, meticulous and continuous improvement, self-discipline and self-reliance of employees, actively developing medium and high-end customers, improving the company's employee welfare, making Brema become a leader in the medium and low-speed labeling machine industry, and occupying a place in the medical lamp inspection equipment industry.